5 Tips On How To Vlog Like Casey Neistat?

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4 min readNov 2, 2020


-Samir Ambekar

Have you ever wondered how Casey Neistat or any other vloggers are able to create so engaging content that you get really hooked on to them? So as you know vlogging in public can get a little awkward and sometimes is hard to get the confidence to do it. We at Skillwise Solutions are going to share their secret to create such engaging vlogs and growing your YouTube or vlogging channel.

Tip no.1: Just vlog it

We know everyone is a little uncomfortable when you just start vlogging in public and it’s not natural. So of course you are going to feel a little awkward. The only way to really get over that and to a point where it’s comfortable is by just doing it. You have to do it over and over to the point where it just becomes a second nature instinctual and super natural. So just do it, you got to try it and that’s really good; the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Tip no. 2: Develop the mindset that people don’t think or care about you as much as you think they do.

Sometimes we just think that everyone is watching us and is obsessed about us but they’re busy with their own lives they are thinking about their own stuff. They might see you for a second and be like “That looks weird”, “What is that person doing?” and then they’re going to be on the next thing. So if you can keep into your mind that no one is really thinking about you, they’re not really obsessed with you and they’ve got too much going on in their own lives; that will be a good mind set to have and will make you feel confident.

Tip no. 3: Be Bold.

So what we mean by this is rather than being shy and coy about it like “Ok I’m kind of vlogging here,” then people are going to be definitely like “why is this person doing here talking like so low.” So be bold, be loud and confident. I know it’s easier said than done; but again after a lot of practice it is going to be much easier.

Important add on that can really help with Vlog:

So instead of starting vlogging around people just out of nowhere; start vlogging before you get into the public situation and before you are around people. So you enter the room where you enter that area already vlogging; talking loudly and people rather than looking at you thinking it’s weird; they’re are going to be actually curious and they might actually ask you questions about it.

You know rather than looking across the room and thinking like what are they doing. So being bold is a great way to start getting more comfortable. You have to speak up raise your voice and literally just be bold like to say “Hey guys, what’s up!.” If you don’t talk loud even on vlogs then the other chatter won’t be loud enough. So make it obvious when you are vlogging. It might come off as rude but you just have to go for it.

I mean you’ve made this decision and we encourage you to do it so just be confident to break through the noise.

Tip no. 4: Keep it short

Don’t be long winded; don’t have these huge conversations with yourself. Get straight to the point, turn the camera on; like we said if you are going to walk into a situation, just say what you need to say.

When you keep it short is going to be more impactful. You are going to be more comfortable because you know you are going to end rather than awkwardly just trying to think about what you are going to say. For being in public that’s a great tip because if you just do a 5-minute monologue in public it could be just crazy and you are going to look crazy. Yeah but it would be a short burst that’s going to also help you build your confidence and it’s just going to be better.

Tip no. 5 Remember your audience

This is what’s most important, the people who might be looking at you are strangers so you have to value and realize that you’ve got subscribers, you’ve got viewers, you’ve got an audience and a community that you are creating content for and they’re the most important.

So that’s why you have to be bold that’s why you have to be confident that’s why you’re putting out content; you’re capturing whatever event you’re going to, whatever thing you’re capturing that day in your vlog, you want them to see the best.

You have to create the best information for with utmost energy; so just do it and remember that your audience and your community is what’s most important. Don’t let the judgments and the perceptions of strangers affect the content you want to deliver to your subscribers through your vlog.


These are the Top 5 tips on how to vlog like Casey Neistat which you can start using it right away. We would love to hear from you in the comments about your mind tricks; your ways of thinking on how can you build the confidence for vlogging. So thank you much and see you guys next time with a even more interesting topic.

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