5 Ways to Use VPN in Digital Marketing

-Rohan Tiwary

When more than 90 percent of the money spent on digital banners is lost and up to 69 percent of the content of websites passes unseen, advertisers claim that 26 percent of their ad budget is misused. With digital marketing budgets reaching up to $332.84 billion in 2020, marketing departments around the world are using creative approaches to boost the digital identity of brands and remain in the spotlight. They use marketing automation systems instead of relying solely on human feedback, and change their tactics according to analytic results. On top of that, others use Virtual Private Network (VPN), a method primarily used to create a stable and private connection, to prevent more costs.

The case of WPP, the world’s largest advertising firm, indicates otherwise, while protection does not appear to be among the main issues for marketing companies. The cyber attack cost them up to $15 million to remediate; not to mention the value of both the company and its customers’ stolen marketing records. However, agencies around the globe may now explore the larger marketing uses of VPN.

Five VPN benefits for marketers

1. SEO improvements

2. Search engine marketing

3. YouTube advertising

4. Competitor analysis

5. Secure connection


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