Micro-Moment Marketing: What Is It and Why Use It?

-Evita Godinho

The development and universal proliferation of smartphones and tablets, as well as the general progress of technology, have resulted in a new form of marketing — micro-moment marketing.

What is micro-moment marketing, and why does it matter? Keep reading to find out!

What is micro-moment marketing?

According to Google, micro-moment marketing centres around thought-provoking moments. In these moments, consumers turn to a computer, such as a tablet or a smartphone, to respond to a particular need. A need may involve going anywhere, learning, doing, or buying things.

Google summarizes these needs as follows:

  1. I-want-to-know

With search engines , such as Google, supplying users with thousands of results, consumer expectations have grown with respect to the accuracy of the search results. People expect an instantaneous response that fits their desires or a micro-moment.

Micro-moment marketing is focused on intention-rich moments

For example, if anyone searches for an Italian restaurant, they expect Google to have a list of restaurants located near them. They have a micro-moment I-want-to-go. That’s why they want results for the restaurants nearby, not results for the best restaurants in the U.S.

Why does micro-moment marketing matter?

From a marketing point of view, micro-moments are a total game changer. Overall, consumers are not looking for a brand, but a business, product or service that suits their needs emotionally. This transition in consumer intent makes micro-marketing more relevant than ever before.

There are three basic reasons why micro-moment marketing matters include:

Captures user attention at the right time

People have a limited range of interest, which can make it impossible to reach the target demographic. Not only do you have to hit the target market at the right time, but you still need to build a message that is up-to-the-point and convenient for consumers to grasp.

However, with micro-moment marketing, you can reach users while they’re looking for your company.

Using micro-moment marketing to your benefit by producing content that targets thought-provoking moments. This content should be of benefit to consumers, supplying them with the knowledge they need to act on their urge to buy, read, or do something or go anywhere.

Builds brand recognition for every size of the company

When you look at it from a customer viewpoint or from a brand perspective, there are so many choices open to consumers in every industry. If you’re a small-to — medium-sized enterprise or an established business, you’re vying for market share with businesses.

Through micro-moment marketing, however, you can raise brand recognition within your target audience. Building brand recognition will help the business remain top-of-the-mind for consumers in I-want-to-know moments, which is beneficial as they hit an I-want-to-buy moment.

Once again, you can use content to help your brand recognition campaigns.

3. Provides comparative advantage to early adopters

If businesses engage in micro-moment marketing, they should expect success.

With this, you satisfy the needs of the consumer. You provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to satisfy their desires, which can lead to online sales, in-store visits, or calls to your company.

Micro-moments will not vanish any time soon, and with the the role of technology in the daily lives of consumers, they will only become more popular. Keep up-to — date on everything by representing the viewers and their micro-moments.


Understanding what your consumers want is the number one way to continue your success.

Micro-moment marketing is a trusted way to improve the customer’s journey and brand awareness, as well as increase your company’s revenue and accelerate its growth. That’s why it’s a must-use strategy