Top 4 NEW Instagram Updates for 2021

1. Instagram Shopping

You can select the “Buy On Instagram” tab under the shopping section.

  • filling out the description thoroughly,
  • including photos that accurately represent your product,
  • including sizing information, or
  • adding any other applicable, dynamic information that would be relevant to your customer

2. Guides on Instagram

At the end of 2020, Instagram guides were released, and many are still slowly figuring out what they are or that they exist.

3. Instagram Live Updates

Instagram Live is where you can record yourself on a selfie camera as a business owner.

  • Do a session of Q&A with the viewers
  • Explain how your product works if it has a purpose, or how it suits if you wear it.
  • Share important or urgent business updates as they apply to your supporters
  • And lastly, Show your followers how to do something, such as the video version of a blog post, that is important to them and your business.

4. Check by Keyword

All right, this update is probably the biggest and most awaited update for 2021 on Instagram.



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